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Euro Rotelli. New York, Paul Auster and Me

Church of San Francesco

via beato Odorico da Pordenone 1, Udine

until 7 July 2024

Thursdays to Sundays 4 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.

Free Admission

The photo exhibition Euro Rotelli. New York, Paul Auster and me, curated by Elena Cantori, is organized by EContemporary Gallery of Trieste and Start Cultura in collaboration with the Municipality of Udine.

The show presents Euro Rotelli’s tale of the city of New York. About 90 images - strictly in black and white – lead us through Rotelli’s rereading and free interpretation of the books by the New

York writer Paul Auster, who died on April the 30th at the age of 77. Paul Auster himself was involved in the project and approved the final result. Rotelli’s photographic story is made of sensations in an attempt, as Paul Auster does in his books, to investigate and perhaps understand the unique and incredible Big Apple.

This photographic journey, therefore, guides us between the lights and shadows of New York, a city of many contradictions. In particular, the exhibition will lead visitors along the streets and neighborhoods of the “city that never sleeps” through a path that alternates photos, reflections of the artist and re-enactments of the Auster’s characters in a combination of street photography, literature and travel experience.

From this photographic project originated a book - or rather a travel diary - published in 2023 by Postcart editions and that accompanies the exhibition.

Euro Rotelli was born in Tuscany and then moved to Friuli. First, he experienced painting and later moved to photography. 30 years ago he became an advertising photographer, devoting himself to photographic research, too. His personal experimentation is equally attracted by landscapes and portraiture. Rotelli’s artistic research goes beyond the camera, which is the hic et nunc tool to elaborate an idea or a project. His works have been exhibited in various galleries in Italy as well as abroad.