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Udine in Light: Photographing Literature

Castle of Udine

Friulian Museum of Photography rooms 7-8

until 30 June 2024

opening times and tickets

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Circolo Fotografico Friulano collaborated with the Friulian Museum of Photography to create an exhibition celebrating visual art and writing, a project that combines the magic of photography with the beauty of local literature.

Twelve photographers took inspiration from literary texts and poems set in Udine, transforming words into images.

The title itself, Udine in light, reflects the deep connection between photography and literature, since photography, like words, writes with light.

Each photo tells a story by conveying emotions described in literary texts.

The exhibition proposes a journey through the streets and corners of the city; the works on display capture the essence of Udine, making the words of the authors evident.

The selected texts include works by past and contemporary authors, embracing different genres, offering the public a rich and varied overview of local culture.

The exhibition is enriched by the catalogue Udine in luce: fotografare la letteratura.

On display are photographs by Daniele Agosto, Sandro Boato, Dario Buttazzoni, Ivano De Simon, Giovanna Lunazzi, Paola Lupi, Annalisa Mansutti, Riccardo Masullo, Paolo Parussini, Fabrizio Toneatto, Rossana Trevisan and Sandro Vicedomini.