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Contrappunto/PAC. Acquisitions. New Works of Contemporary Art for the Museum

Casa Cavazzini

via Cavour 14 Udine

1-30 June 2024

exhibition curated by Francesca Agoastinelli and Vania Gransinigh

Tuesdays - Sundays    10 a.m. - 6 p.m.



The exhibition Contrappunto/PAC. Acquisitions. New Works of Contemporary Art for the Museum presents the works that have entered Udine's civic collections thanks to the support of the PAC2022-2023 - Plan for Contemporary Art, promoted by the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The exhibition will be enriched by some free guided tours to the show and some collateral events that will help to highlight the relationships between the visual arts of our time and contemporary music and dance.

The PAC2022-2023 supports and encourages the quality and continuity of the increase in public contemporary art collections, not only by financing acquisitions, but also by supporting the production of new works, the acquisition of collections and archives related to contemporary art, and the valorisation of donations already received by public cultural institutions.

The project presented by Casa Cavazzini - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Udine was positively evaluated by the Selection Committee that examined proposals from numerous Italian institutions concerning the acquisition, production and valorisation of contemporary art, with the aim of recognising and rewarding good practices spread throughout the country.

Casa Cavazzini competed to acquire the works displayed in the Contrappunto exhibition, the project that since 2019 has been conceived and curated by Francesca Agostinelli, independent curator, and Vania Gransinigh, curator of Casa Cavazzini.

A museum, like all museums, dusty in the current imagination, but which instead, in the vision of its curator, intends to stay in its own time and confront itself with today by making choices that entrust the artists of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region with the relaunch of the Museum and its heritage. Their creative capacity is entrusted with the possibility of putting themselves at stake by looking at museum works to create the new, in the desire to grasp the dynamic principle of memory, that which lives on in the lives of those who are alive and speak of the future.

Through the PAC2022-2023, 19 works by artists from Friuli Venezia Giulia have become part of Udine's civic collections, which will be presented together with a series of initiatives in support of the Contemporary aimed at enhancing the acquisitions in a dialogue with the various artistic expressions of the territory.

Contrappunto/02 artists:

- Michele Bazzana

- Loretta Cappanera

- Aldo Ghirardello

- Giulia Iacolutti

- Massimo Poldelmengo

- Manuela Sedmach

- Michele Spanghero

- Manuela Toselli

- Antonio Della Marina e Alessandra Zucchi.

Contrappunto (2020) artists:

- Bruno Aita

- Gaetano Bodanza

- Alfonso Firmani

- Maria Elisabetta Novello

- Isabella Pers

- Tiziana Pers

- Anna Pontel

- Stefano Tubaro.


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ministero direzione contemporanea