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Scatti - ciclismo a Udine e in Friuli da Bartali a oggi

May 4-May 31, 2015, promoted by Sport and exercise Service

This photographic exhibition, one of a series of initiatives planned for BICIMAGGIO, the annual cycling event held in Udine each May, was created in recognition and in support of the work of Tavolo a Pedali, which was set upin 2014 to encourage cycle use in the city.

The exhibition was divided into three distinct sections, the first of which was dedicated to the cycling champion Bartali. The materials on display were also published in a book by Giacinto Bevilacqua entitled Gino Bartali 100 anni di leggenda, which was launched on May 15 at the Libreria Friuli. Bookshop. The exhibition consisted of 40 panels with photos, newspaper cuttings, posters and postcards from the time, original T-shirts worn by the “champion”, a cycling helmet, vintage goggles, and two bicycles, one sporting the Bartali brand logo, the other a model used by the cyclist. The entire collection belongs to Bulfon Renato of Mortegliano who, with the involvement of the association G.S.K2, generously lent the items to Udine City Council for the occasion.

The second section consisted of 30 panels with snapshots of cycling competitions held in Friuli Venezia Giulia taken by photographer and cyclist, Gabriele Menis. A photojournalist and photographer by profession, Menis is a nature lover and travel enthusiast and these photographs of competitive cyclists against the backdrop of the Friulian countryside succeed in bringing both his sporting and human characteristics to the fore.

The last section featured around twenty previously unpublished photographs taken by Constantine Procaccioli - otherwise known as Tino from Udine - between 1955 and 1959. These captured various national and regional cycling events, with Udine at centre stage. In addition to his inimitable photos capturing scenes of city life, photos brimming with humanity and charm, there was also series of photographs depicting road safety courses delivered by local "traffic police" in the area that now forms Parco Moretti.

Completing the section was a series of photos taken by Aldo Segale, president of the Ciclo Assi Friuli cycling association and a close friend of Tino who, before his death, gave him the negatives used in the exhibition displays.