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Un’idea di Pittura. Astrazione Analitica in Italia 1972-1976

An idea of painting. Analytic abstraction in Italy 1972-1976

March 1 – June 3, 2015

This exhibition, curated by Vania Gransinigh and Fabio Belloni, set out to explore the development of abstract painting in Italy during the early to mid-seventies and, more specifically, the artistic tendency that contemporary critics alternately dubbed: "painting painting", "fundamental painting", "cold painting", "pure painting" and "new painting” before finally opting for the term “analytical abstraction”.

idea di pittura invito

The Italian experience of analytical abstraction took inspiration from the avant-garde, which was eager to explore the possibilities of painting – a somewhat traditional medium – in an era that was still dominated by intense technical experimentation. The exhibits were drawn from a number of the city’s public collections, and of the hundred or so works belonging to the Friam Collection on show at Casa Cavazzini, several names stand out: Carl Andre, Frank Stella, Robert Mangold, and Sol LeWitt being just a few of the international figures with whom Italian painters of the seventies sought direct contact