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Riccardo De Marchi. Alfabeto Possibile

5 October – January 25, 2015

This exhibition hosted by Casa Cavazzini and curated by Vania Gransinigh paid homage to the work of Riccardo De Marchi. Consisting of twenty works, including a number of installations created especially for the occasion, the chosen pieces represented key moments in De Marchi’s artistic career, a career spanning almost thirty years. Following the course of the exhibition, which juxtaposed past experimental works with more recent examples of the artist’s production, a visual narrative unfolded bearing testimony to a clear and coherent research path aimed at exploring the impossibility of developing a communicative language founded upon solely individual impressions, feelings, and interpretations of being in the world.

invito De Marchi

Through his actions on the materials used in his art, De Marchi endeavours to create a universal language capable of unlocking the codified meanings of his seemingly endless narratives. Employing materials such as sheet metal, Plexiglass, plastic blocks, particleboard, and old record covers, De Marchi perforates the surface with the tip of a drill, creating a series of evenly spaced holes representing presence/absence. These traces left by the individual actions of the artist provide a code, an ‘alphabet’ for de-coding meanings that are implicitly universal rather than individual.