Pesca miracolosa di Gianni Maran

10 – September 13, 2015, promoted from Friuli DOC

As Gianni Maran speaks, his hands move in harmony, and as one watches the movement of his fingers, one catches glimpses of something blue ingrained beneath his finger nails. That blue is the very same blue that filled the large canvasses exhibited at Palazzo Morpurgo in Udine on the occasion of the Friuli Doc Wine Festival weekend.

Dedicated to eight great artists of the twentieth century, these eight, convex canvasses are united not only by their rich palette of blues, whose hues range from indigo to sky blue, but above all, by a common theme, namely, the image of the fish - hence the exhibition title Pesca Miracolosa (Miraculous Fishing). For Gianni Maran ‘is’ a painter of fish; ever since deciding to change his life and give up his old job for good, he has espoused the cause of this aquatic creature, his life-long companion.