CasaCittà. Il Novecento

16 June-July 31, 2015, promoted by the Department for Regional Planning

The Department for Regional Planning reopened the doors of CasaCittà, the urban center established on the occasion of the adoption of the Council’s new General Urban Development Plan, to present Amendment 5 of the Plan, which specifically concerns the protection of 20th century architecture. The cataloguing of 20th century buildings and architectural environments was initiated in the period between 2004-2006, in accordance with Amendment 147 of the pre-existing General Urban Development Plan.

casa citta invito

In 2011 the new plan proposed an update of the list of buildings and protected areas (over 300 in total) for the purpose of reviewing both the content of the relevant fact sheets and regulations governing building work, particularly more impactful interventions (renovation, extensions, and new construction projects).